Photoshoot Preparations


Doing a simple, radiant, natural makeup...

Lisa Eldridge is a professional makeup artist and does all the makeup tutorials and trend videos for Chanel.  Here is a video she's put together for a quick and simple look that works great for any skin type.  Of course, every girl has her own beauty routine.  What is important is that you feel confident and natural. 

*Quick Tip : We suggest really emphasizing the eyes with eyeliner and mascara.  It goes a long way and tend to photograph better than very colorful eyeshadows.

But I'm a guy, do I need makeup?

Depending on your skin type and style you may or may not need makeup.  However, usually some basic cover up and evening out is important for photoshoots just to clean up the shadows.  Don't worry, you don't need to get crazy with it.  Here's a simple tutorial put together by John McLean that you can do without any tools, brushes, and all that jazz.  Remember, if you need help, just let us know and we'll either give you some tips or do it for you.

*Cleaning your skin is of utmost importance says John.  We agree!  

What if I want to go all out?

Here is a video put together by Makeup Geek for a complete photoshoot prep.  We think it works pretty well.  Check it out.  You can also hire our professional makeup artists, hair stylists, and stylists for $50 a session.

What to wear?  Should I go buy something?

You probably have what you need already for a simple headshot or artist photo.  Here are some tips on determining if what you have in the closet will work...


We recommend wearing solid teeshirts, tanks, or dress shirts for headshots and artist profile pictures.  Stripes and patterns can be good for custom photoshoots where you have a curated background but usually ends up distracting the viewer from your natural beauty.


Whether you're a guy or a girl, wearing clothes that fit makes the biggest difference in headshots and artist profile pictures.  Too loose and you look sloppy and unconfident.  Too tight and it will make the viewer nervous as well as throw wrinkly shadows on your body.  It doesn't matter if you're rail skinny, somewhere in the middle of the road, or pudgier than you'd like to be.  You are beautiful and should look relaxed and confident.  If your clothes fit then your body will look fantastic.  Trust us, we're professionals.  Let your face and personality shine!


If you know what color compliments your skin, wear that.  You can also bring a neutral color shirt as a backup.  White, black, grey, or navy blue tends to work in every occasion.  If you would like to find out what works, feel free to send us a selfie.  We'll give you some suggestions.  Everyone has different skin tones, it actually does make a difference in photos.  Colors can also really compliment your look.  So wear a clean, non-wrinkly, solid colored shirt and bring a neutral solid with you.  You don't need to haul a suitcase full of wardrobe options and accessories.


For your colored option, avoid colors like shades of purple, brown, mustard, sludge green, and other exotic or muddy hues.  Clean, sharp, and bright colors as well as pastels tend to go with everything.  Think simple variations of primary colors.

Aria Lumi